Boeing 787 Cold and Dark Start Checklist - Back

  1. Parking Brake ON
  2. Confirm Landing Gear: DOWN
  4. Confirm BOTH powerplants: OFF
  5. Confirm BOTH IGNITION dials: OFF
  6. Confirm FUEL panel OFF (grey)
  7. Confirm FUEL cutoff CLOSED
  8. Confirm FLAPS: CLOSED
  10. Switch POSITION lights: STEADY
  11. ....Overhead Systems start FROM TOP LEFT...
  13. Fuel and Igniters all ON
  14. ELECTRICAL Panel: all ON (Yellow)
  15. Fuel Panel: All Fuel Pumps ON (Yellow)
  16. Air conditioning panel: All ON
  17. APU select ON then hold on START
  18. Avionics switch ON (overhead or saitek panel)
  19. Seat belt signs ON
  20. Yaw Damper ON
  21. Pitot Heat and Windshield Heat ON (yellow)
  22. Wing and engine anti-ice ON
  23. Tune to ATIS for active runway
  24. Set Landing altitude to that of destination airfield
  25. Set FLT ALT to the desired cruise altitude
  26. Enter all data into autopilot controls or saitek panel
  27. Follow ATC instructions up to Request Taxi
  28. If dark switch on the logo light
  29. Release Parking Brake
  30. Activate CABIN CREW plugin
  31. Switch ON anti-collision beacon
  32. Call for pushback:

    Click RIGHT = Nose LEFT tail RIGHT

    Click LEFT = Nose RIGHT tail LEFT
  33. After push, apply parking brake
  34. Left FUEL cutoff lever to RUN
  35. Turn LEFT START dial to START then RUN
  36. Monitor LEFT engine start
  37. Right FUEL cutoff lever to RUN
  38. Turn RIGHT START dial to START then RUN
  39. Monitor RIGHT engine start
  40. BOTH powerplant dials will return to RUN
  41. Roll the trim wheel until the needle is set to the correct trim setting
  42. Set appropriate takeoff flap
  43. Complete EXTERNAL control surfaces check
  44. Activate TAXI, NAV and STROBE lights
  45. Complete EXTERNAL control checks
  46. Request TAXI and follow instructions
  47. After takeoff - confirm positive climb - gear up

  48. Takeoff run: Activate AUTOTHROTTLE on SAITEK PANEL
  49. Positive climb: GEAR UP
  50. At 2500ft engage autopilot
  51. Retract flaps
  52. Navigate using the VORS above
  53. Start of Descent Formula: current altitude x 3 example 4,500 ft x 3 = start of descent 13.5 miles from destination
  54. Approach.......
  55. Reduce speed to 200kt
  56. Set FLAPS as per speed
  57. Contact ATC for instructions

  58. Listen to ATIS
  59. Review airport maps
  60. Final approach checklist......
  61. Flaps SET
  62. Approach speed SET
  63. Gear DOWN
  64. Speedbrake ARMED
  65. Landing lights ON
  66. TAXI lights ON
  67. Flight controls CHECKED
  68. All instruments CHECKED
  69. Parking and flightdeck Shutdown.....
  70. Parking brake SET
  71. Fuel cutoff - OFF
  72. All overhead systems OFF
  73. All saitek panel switches OFF